We had an idea. The idea was to design and produce the perfect range of wetsuits for all types of windsurfing conditions, from Hawaii to the North Sea.
In the process we have sourced the best materials available, tailored the optimal fit and refined and innovated technical features. We achieved this by creating a suit with flexibility and maneuverability that does not compromise the warmth.

The ergonomic fit is specifically engineered for windsurfers, with greater freedom of movement over shoulders, elbows and forearms plus a secure fit over ankles and wrists. We named it the Generator. It’s a premium high-end wetsuit range, exclusively produced from 100% super stretch neoprene, manufactured with state of the art workmanship and designed with an unparalleled combination of warmth, flexibility and performance.

With all that said it’s a great pleasure to introduce the Generator wetsuit range.

6-5-4 Steamer with hood 5-4-3 Steamer
3-2 Steamer
3-2 Short sleeve
2-2 Shorty

High boot 5mm Low boot 3mm Gloves Hood    
Hood with vest Fleece Lycra      
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