A few words about yourself:
I love riding waves windsurfing and surfing, i like big waves and everything stops when a big swell is here !! Papa of Coco Valentina. I like to be creative, owner of RueBelle Maui Paris.

Most memorable session:
Perfect secret Indo with just one friend out, pealing waves for hundreds of meters !!!! Pure bliss.

Tips for progression:
Visualizing your move and practicing them on land. Surf and let the wave tell you whats the next move.

Kai Katchadourian, Simmer Team Captain about Rudy:

Rudy is able to create his own atmosphere and takes it with him around wherever he goes. Always aware of his environment and able to take his creative focus to new levels on the water, stay tuned for the unique and especially bright vibe you feel from deep in the jungle. With secrets to share if you pay attention, most of the signs are right in front of you. Welcome to Rudy's world in the Simmer family.

Discipline: waveriding
Sail number: F04 when i use it
Age: 37
Sail of choice: BlackTip 5.0, Tricera 4.7
Board of choice: Tabou Da Curve 80
Favorite conditions: Light side offshore wind with 3m pealing reef break waves port tack or starboard tack
Home Town: Now its HAIKU, Maui Hawaii. but I grew up in the suburb of Paris, then Marseille south of France.
Favorites Spots: Indo Secrets, Ho'okipa, Jaws.
Other Sponsors: Tabou, MFC, RueBelle Maui Paris
Simmer team since: 2002
Other sponsors: Taboo, MFC
Instagram: @rudycastorina @ruebelleparis

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