About Zara
Zara is the only women in history to hold two world sailing records at the same time. She holds the women's windsurfing 500m record which she regained in November 2017 at 46.49 knots and holds the outright sailing nautical mile record which she set in 2006. She has been competing at British national level since 1999 - 2001 winning the British Women's Slalom Title in 2000.  She is a double world ISWC world speed champion and has been ISWC European speed champion a record 7 times.  Nationally has won Weymouth speedweek - the British speed championships 8 times and holds the Portland harbour record and has won the women’s British slalom title for the last 3 years. Zara is not a full time sailor and fits her windsurfing around her time as time job as an Osteopath, running a busy multidisciplinary health centre in Portishead Near Bristol.

Most memorable session

Has to be breaking the world 500m speed record in 2017 in Luderitz for the 2nd time on the all new production Speed Demon board  and the Simmer SC Speed sails.

Tips for progrssion
Focus, train hard. Make the most of every sailing opportunity - I am a full time Osteopath and have to use every chance I get to improve. I also do a lot off the water training, swim, bike, run, suspension training and pilates - Sowhen I get the chance to sail I can make the most of it. Most memorable session: Has to be breaking the world 500m speed record in 2012 in Luderitz - amazing!

Kai Katchadourian, Simmer Team Captain about Zara
Zara might be consistently at the edge of the envelope though the reality is she is always in control in the most demanding moments of power and speed. Has held the Women's speed record for some time now.

Discipline: Speed, bit of slalom
Simmer team since: 2008
Sail number: K47
Age: 49
Sail of choice:  SC Race and SC Speed
Board of choice: RRD  X- fire - all of them!!
Favorite conditions: Flat and windy
Home Town: Clevedon UK
Favorites Spots: Luderitz and Cabezo, El Medano
Other Sponsors: RRD, AL 360, Sonntag fins, Walnut Grove Clinic

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