A few words about yourself: 
I don't need much to get myself motivated so when the conditions are firing things can be pretty intense around me.

Most memorable session:
Ali Baba February 2013, kilometer long waves going double mast high all the way thru. Minute long rides and critical situations.

Tips for progrssion:
You only mock that which you do not understand. Free your mind and your gear will follow.

Simmer Chief Sail Designer, Tomas Persson about Kai:
Kai has been with Simmer for 30 years now, no single professional rider has remained with the same brand as long as Kai has been with Simmer. He has achieved top results in contests, pioneered many spots on Maui and around the globe. As our team captain he brings a lifetime of experience both in the competition arena and free sailing to the table. Kai and I have work closely together for many years now and it's safe to say that his passion, fire and innovative approaches are  key elements to the success of the brand. Kai is Simmer Style defined.

Discipline: World Wide Wave
Simmer team since: 1986
Sail number: US-33
Age: Top Secret
Sail of choice: Blacktip HD
Board of choice: Flywave
Favorite conditions: Big and Scary
Home Town: Haiku, Helsinki, Palo Alto
Favorites Spots: Peah'i(Jaws),Ali Baba, Ponta Preta, Hookipa, Waddell
Other Sponsors: Da Kine, Rocket Shells, Oakley

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