A few words about yourself:
I have been hooked on windsurfing since I tried it the very first time. I am  motivated and am always trying
to push myself on and off the water to become a better windsurfer!

Most memorable session:
First time I planned and the first double forward!

Tips for progrssion:
Try to get someone to film so you can analyze your moves. And when you're out sailing take the
 first hour or so to really focus on training the moves you want to learn, and then you can just play around!

Kai Katchadourian, Simmer Team Captain about Mac:
Markus is from a new generation of riders but there are obvious links to an ancient Viking background
in his never say die approach. A very hard working, mad charging player in the scene. Pure Simmer material!

Discipline: Wave
Simmer team since: 2014
Sail number: S-313
Sail of choice: Icon
Board of choice: Quantum in onshore and Flywave in sideshore
Favorite conditions: Sideshore on starboardtack
Home Town: Varberg, Sweden
Favorites Spots: Läjet and Hookipa
Other Sponsors: Dr. Martens, Ezy, Björn Borg, Ica Kvantum and Surfers Varberg
Instagram @markusrydberg

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