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Baltic sessions – Henning and Klaas

We love riding waves anywhere, but riding them at your favourite home break, makes every wave feel even better. A short while ago, we scored another great session at Weissenhaus, a locally known quality beach break at the German Baltic sea coastline.

Weissenhaus a.k.a „da white house“ is a 40min drive from my hometown Kiel. For sure, everybody in the area is gonna be on hold for the right forecast and as soon as the wind turns northwesterly and accelerates to 25knots plus the game is on.
The site of the beach changed a lot during the past two years as a big development and construction site is the new beach sight. It's not quite the same feeling anymore. From easy hanging-out near in a dead-quiet forest to pay-parking, restaurants and luxury accomodation for tourists... Wow, what a change! How strange! But the waves are just as good as ever!!
I rigged my 4.7 blacktip which turned out to be the perfect weapon in powerful side-on conditions, together with my Patrik TrailerWave80 customboard. Klaas went out on 4.5 and furthermore used the session to do some final testing on the 2013 Blacktip prototypes.

Klaas and I we've known each other for many, many years of windsurfing. freesailing and competition now and it's a great pleasure for me to be part of the Simmer team now and be teammates with Klaas, who is such a nice guy and still is the stand-out in the German wavesailing scene. Everybody in the team made me feel very welcome. I am proud to be part of the family.

So we did, what we do best. Enjoy windsurfing!! Klaas pulled some amazing wave360s and waveshakas. I finally got my takas going. Big Voget-style backloops, insane jumping by Leon, Klaas Fanatic teammate. Once the crowds had left we kept sailing until sunset. Just a few of us left in perfect Baltic Sea conditions - as good as it gets... at home!

Henning and Klaas

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