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Kenneth Danielssen wins Danish Championship

The last few weeks here in Klitmøller have been quite good. Two weeks ago I won the first contest of the year in the danish wave championships DBO, and the week before that we had one of the best days so far this year here in Klitmøller.
The first danish contest of the year was blessed with one full day of 25-30 knots sideshore wind, sunshine and great waves. The level of the competitors was as always really high, and everyone was giving up a prober fight for the win. In the single elimination I won in front of Mads Lunøe who really was sailing well.

In the double elimination Mads Lunøe once again put up a fight for the victory. He defeated Mads Bjørnå who was on fire after an early exit in the single, and thereby proved that his spot in the final was based on skills and not luck. My luck, on the other hand, was almost about to end, as I mis-timed the start of the final heat, and started waveriding 1 min to early. Actually I caught the best wave of the day and did 8-10 turns doing 2 aerials along the way. As I jibed out of the wave I was sure it would give me the score to win the heat, but as I looked upwind to the judges, I saw the green flag was coming up, then I realised that the heat just  started. Now I was way downwind and lost a lot of time just sailing back upwind. Luckily I was still able to fight my way back and win the heat, and thereby secure my first win of the year.

One week before the contest we scored a perfect day on the reef in Klitmøller. The wind was side ofshore and in the sets, there was masthigh waves coming through. Even the sun turned up to make it a memorable day from this year.

Doing the event the local news station made a clip from the event.

Kenneth Danielsen is sponsored by:
Simmer, F2, Chocofins, Skishop, PLASMA
Photo credit: Emmelie Stjerna and Robert Sand

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