Check out the all new Whip! It is designed by mathematical genius Ola Helenius in collaboration with top freestyler Max Rowe. The shape is aimed to bring progressive freestyle to the next level with extreme acceleration and top speed combined with explosive pop. A super quick but still smoothly progressive rocker is responsible for its remarkable speed and early planing  and the panel V and smooth round front rails gives the board predictability in landings and on water rotational moves. The thick tail block and distinct rails in the back enables you to pop out of the water and boost into any transitions from aerial moves into sliding tricks. With a compact outline and linear volume distribution rotations have never been easier.


The spine of the board is a PVC Sandwich stringer which generates extreme strength as well as lets the board flex and absorb impacts. Directional carbon re-inforcement along rails and from the mast tack to the tail. The construction features a 45 degree carbon and PVC sandwich on the deck and on the bottom for durability and impact resistance. The rails are re-enforced with directional carbon to create optimal stiffness to weight ratio. We have shaved off every possible gram using a thinner layer of paint and color tinted resin on the rails which also makes them extremely scratch resistant. The  artwork is applied with water-based tattoo stickers, very light-weight with beautiful bold colors. Even the non-slip has been reduced where it is not needed. We also use a self regulating Goretex © Airvent which allows air to pass back and forth between the foam core and the exterior of the board, whilst being completely water proof. The double layer membrane of Goretex on either side of a rubber O-ring prevents pressure build up inside the board, minimizing the risk for de-lamination caused by over  och under pressure inside the board.

- Low drag and effective rail profile which gives superb glide through lulls.

- Extra-wide compact outline for early planing and stability.

- Wide tail for control in high speeds.

- New deck shape for increased comfort at the footstrap area.


9222162Whip it 18cmPowerbox4.0-5.66.3 kg
10222164Whip it 20cmPowerbox4.2-5.96.5 kg


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